We are a global integrated
trading house

We are in fertilizer business
with environmental

We are exclusive trader
of petrochemical products

We specialize in
transportation of
bulk commodities

We are a bridge
between manufacturers
and buyers in the World

We provide
gas bulk commodity
trading solutions; ammonia, LPG...

We handle
transportation of

dry & liquid bulk commodities


USD 2,9290 % 1,0002
EUR 3,3930 % 2,8186
EUR/USD 1,1554 % 1,4623
GBP 4,5863 % -1,41
OIL 42,84 % -5,52

Raintrade Introductory Video

Being part of a global big trading&manufacturing group , Raintrade is a global integrated trading house providing bulk commodity trading solutions to partners across the globe.Aiming to establish a bridge between manufacturers and buyers in the world, we merchandise and trade a large variety of products; from ammonia, urea, sulphur, fertilizers, and rawmaterials to petrochemicals and energy products. Ammonia, fertilizers, petrochemicals are our company's core business segments. We are exclusive global marketer of Razi Petrochemical Co. products. Our portfolio is diverse, but we maintain the same unique level of performance coupled with an unrivalled quality of trading and logistical services throughout our product groups. Watch Video

Latest News

Raintrade Petrochemical Co. ranked 143rd (2014 rank: 179) in Fortune Magazine’s top 500 Turkish companies list in terms of gross revenue announced on June 30, 2015. Raintrade recorded a net revenue of 1.0 billion Turkish Liras (USD 381 million) with an increase of 41.5% when compared to previous year.

Raintrade Petrochemical Co. Ranked 186th in Capital 500 list published in August 2015. Our company has ranked 241st in 2014 list. With a sales revenue of 1.038 million TL Raintrade achieved an increase of 43% in terms of sales volume.

Doing business with Raintrade provides various strengths and opportunities for your company. We are the leading trader of fertilizers and petrochemicals in Turkey and Iran with an ambition of being a known and trusted player in Iranian market.

Being exclusive global marketer of Razi Petrochemical Co. Products Raintrade closely tracks the economic and political developments in Iran. Iran is a large country with vast energy resources. Its economy is mostly dependent on oil.